25 February 2010


This morning this picture was in my inbox:

A girl who happened to be at the orphanage I lived at was there when my Christmas package arrived this year. She was nice enough to take a picture for me, of all the kids wearing their new clothes. and track down my contact information to send it to me. It is crazy how most of the kids look the exact same as they did when I left two years ago, yet the older boys look so grown up. I think I need to buy a plane ticket now. I can't take it anymore.

Thank you so much to anyone who was involved in donating this year.


Nurpus said...

Hey good to know my pants fit.

Brookie said...

hey kelli!
I saw your blog from my sister(breann:) so good to see you!! you are sooo cute and i will have to keep checking in on you! xoxo

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