28 September 2009

Because it's My Blog and I Can Say What I Want

Mean people are mean. People who demand being served are rude, and they should calm down. Drivers who cut you off, or almost hit you, or turn left in front of you when you are already half-way through the intersection are stupid. They are especially stupid when they pretend like they don't see you, because they know that their driving is crap. Being talked-down to makes me sad. Being treated differently because you don’t have children is wrong. Superficial people are obnoxious. Girls who flaunt themselves or their possessions are dumb and unoriginal--no one cares. Utah is weird and cold and boring. When you try to fit in and don’t, it is depressing. Smoking is yucky and smelly and unattractive and tumor-causing.

On the other hand:

Nice people are nice. Soft, squishy, white covers are cozy and perfect--my bed is perfect. Brown hair is pretty. Pineapple is delicious. Fine-point sharpies are amazing. Disney Land is happy. Old girlfriends are always the best girlfriends to have (I miss you, my Holly. Sad face). Eggs Benedict is my favorite. Ellen is funny and I love her. My imagination is my awesome. Giraffes are cute. And so are Koalas. Nail polish is fantastic. My father-in-law’s omelets are perfection in my mouth. Writing with dull pencils makes my hand writing look really great.

The End.


donelle said...

I really love ya, Kell! I pretty much concur to everything said.

PS...It's your birthday soon. What are we going to do to celebrate?

Michelle Henry said...

Yay! I agree Kelly. I miss seeing you--you can hang with Jeff and I. We don't have kiddies either, so we are vile sorts of people for sure :) Keep your chin up, you are a good example, thanks for that!

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