16 July 2009

Suprises Are Happy

Back in April, a friend of mine from work (I work with her, and husband works with her husband) and I planned a surprise trip for our husbands to Las Vegas to see Blue Man Group (Which I highly recommend to all…pure amazement). Husband and I had our third anniversary back in June, so he and my friend’s husband decided to surprise us with a weekend cruise for our anniversary.

Our cruise went to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. We went to Catalina on our honeymoon, so it was fun to go back and take the same pictures we took three years ago. It was not fun to compare my three-year-ago body to my current body in the pictures.

June 2006:

June 2009:

June 2006:

June 2009:

June 2006:

June 2009:

June 2006:

June 2009:

On Catalina Island, we rented a golf cart and drove all over the island:

And went parasailing...so fun, but so scary. I had a melt-down up in the air. I made Mac sing me primary songs while I cried. When we returned back to the boat, mascara was streaming down my face:

Our cute little honeymoon hotel:

This old man was adorable, and Mac loved him:

Ensenada was...kind of an odd place for a cruise ship to go, but we liked it:

I loved the cute towel animals:

And playing Titanic with husband:

And our adorable waiter from El Salvador, Manuel:

And being with our friends, Matt and Adina:

And we kind of liked the food, not the best, though:

Turns out that husband is quite the karaoker. Not one, but two nights in a row:

What the skanks? So I'm sitting back, slouching in my chair, watching husband make a fool of him self, and the army of skanks walk up on the stage, whisper something in his ear, and start dancing with MY husband. I was about ready to walk up on the stage and beat them up.

I kind of loved feeling the boat rock, too. I know that is supposed to make you feel sea sick and vomit, but I liked sitting in the lounge and looking up to see the curtains rocking back and fourth:

I loved all of the cute/funny/nice/entertaining crew:

I loved the sunsets:

But hated going home:

Yay for vacations and suprises and happy places. Boo for reality.

Happy three years to us...

12 July 2009

Me, Too

When you see videos of U.S. presidents visiting countries abroad, you usually can't say that you have been there. When I saw this video, I was so excited to be able to say that I had actually walked that same road...

I remember walking down the flagged road in the beginning of this video, with an African man who I met on my last day in Ghana. I paid him to be my tour guide and take me to the markets and see the castle where the president of Ghana lives. I remember taking a shortcut and jumping over mud and sewage (Tears).

My own picture from the road in the video:

I heart Ghana.