17 May 2009

Stuff and Stuff

I finished school back in August 2008, and Mac in December 2008, but we decided to walk this past May...mostly for the photo opportunity:

As it turns out, graduation is the most boring thing that has ever happened to us:

And Mac's family:

And this girl:

But it was fun to see our families, though:

And hear him speak:

We went to the Tulip Festival with my parents...Loved it:

Recently, I saw a rainbow from end to end:

My life became 44% better when I discovered that this eating establishment has been in the state in which I reside for sometime now. Rubio's is my 6th favorite thing in the world, thus far. Bean burrito with lime juice + steak street taco + chips with lime juice and green salsa = 99% of Kelly's total body composition:

I eat here at least twice a week.

Mac had a birthday...he's now 30, flirty and thriving. I can't believe I am married to someone this old.

Bran-Bran (see this post) was in town last week. We were able to see him and Christian, his brother. They made him a cake, it was tender:

Mac and I have this thing...when he is really annoyed with me, or wants me to do something that I don't want to do, we have this deal. If he dances for 20 seconds without stopping, I will stop being annoying, or go to sleep, or pick up my messes or whatever...if you have seen him dance, you know how entertaining this can be. Last weekend we had already spent too much money come Saturday night, so Mac was my entertainment. I have no words to describe Mac's dancing. See for yourself (Half of the video is side-ways...woops):

Mac has been at Lake Mead since Wednesday with his "Man's Night" friends and wives. I'm lame and couldn't get the time off work. So Mac bought me a fish to keep me company. I named him Carlitos:

The End.


codyandkristiboretsky said...

Hey Kelly! This is Kristi Curtis- your old babysitter from way back in the day! Anyways I came across your blog and I had to make a few comments! First, CONGRATS to you both for graduating! How exciting! Second, you and your hubby are quite hilarious! My abs and cheeks are hurting so badly from laughing so hard at his rad dance moves! Thanks for making my day!!

Sheri said...

Hey Kelly! How have you been? I haven't seen you in so long. It looks like you and the hubby are having lots of fun together. I too really enjoyed that fabulous dance:) Congrats on graduating.

donelle said...

Oh Kelly. I sure do LOVE your posts. Congrats on graduating. And I must say that Mac's dancing makes me smile. Let's go to Rubio's when I get to town!

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

hello! Congrats on graduating. My husband graduated on Thursday and let me just say it was interested. The student they chose to represent their class and speak at graduation was a TRANSVESTITE!!!!!!!!! I'm not even kidding. I couldn't stop laughing during his/her/it's speech I was in tears. ANYWAYS, about Allison. I haven't seen her in years and it really kills me. We were friends since elementary school and during our senior year we just started going in different directions. We were just drifting apart and I don't think we really knew how to handle it so we handled it pretty poorly. There wasn't any sort of blow up or anything I think we were just really hurt by the situation and just kinda dropped each other. I think after being friends for SO long it was really difficult to start seeing that dissolve. Looking back I would have handled it very differently, but that's what life is all about. Living and learning. Anyways sorry for the novel of an answer I guess the short version would be, no I don't talk to Allison anymore :)

{alisse t} said...

The dancing, and the sleeping at graduation... seriously hilarious! You're so funny, PrincessKellBell!! And CONGRATS on graduating!!! The Photo Op was so worth it- I love it!

Lindsee said...

I think this may be the most entertaining blog post I have ever read. I needed that today. Thanks. And what a gem you have found! That Mac, and those moves! Lucky girl. I love your deal breaker you guys have. I am going to try it out on Tyler.

Sheri said...

Oh thanks! Yes that would be fun to do your hair sometime. I work at Cloud 9 off of Priest and Warner.... Where are you living?

URFAVE5 said...

You are just so fun and from the looks of it so is Mac. Congrats on graduating. It was fun to see all your pictures. I haven't got to see your parents in quite awhile, so it was fun to see them too! Also that picture of the girl sleeping on the ground and graduation. That's hysterical!
I'm glad you guys are doing well!

Take Care,
Cousin JoLynn

Saule Cogneur said...

I only miss a few things from my old life.

You and Mac and Branson are one of them however. I'm glad things have turned out well.

Monroe Family said...

I am so stinkin' proud of you for graduating! You are awesome!

scottandmeagan said...

Kelly you and your husband are hilarious! Its good see what you are up to. Rubios is my fave. The salsa fresca and limes give the taco so much more. Congrats on graduation. I still have another year : (

kemra said...

I love it!!! The graduation pics are priceless - so cute! Dancing Mac - that's pretty awesome. You guys are pretty much the coolest couple ever. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out!

FYI - I totally want a burrito now!

Kim and Matt said...

Congratulations! So excited for you to graduate. Hope all is well.

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