05 March 2009

25 Things I Hate About Facebook

My friend posted this link, and it made me laugh, a lot. I completely agree with all 25.

I think the one that annoys me the most are people's facebook status.

Kelly is taking a shower
Kelly just went to the bathroom...number 2!
Kelly thinks you are stupid if you voted for...
Kelly just ate spaghetti
Kelly just yawned
Kelly just blinked

Really? Does anyone really need a play-by-play for your friends?


Cristi said...

Ha ha! Doesn't this video rock? :) I don't mind status updates. It's those people who update their statuses CONTINUALLY that drive me crazy. And even worse - NEGATIVE status updates! There is always at least one person who is ALWAYS trying to get pity through them. Ugh!

donelle said...

"Dude. Do you wanna be in my group?" Love this. And I agree with it all...yet I still LOVE Facebook. What a crazy phenomenon.

Saule Cogneur said...

People want to think you care about them. Excessive status updates are weakly disguised pleas for validation and acknowledgement.

"If Mike comments, he must care. If he cares, I must be worth something..."

The negative of that statement is true too.

Rachel Williams said...

Ha, ha. That was pretty funny. But I still think that guy might need to explore some of the controls and settings on facebook and it might eliminate most of the stuff he hates about facebook. Or better yet only add the friends he really wants to communicate with.

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