23 March 2009

While the Wife's Away...

Last year while I was gone for a month in Africa, I was under the impression that Mac was at home crying his eyes out because he missed me so much. Recently, though, some evidence has surfaced, and it appears that I was off. Way off...

A big group of "Men" + our house + tires + Tucanos + my husband decided to grow a beard=

21 March 2009

Short or Long???

I am kind of sick of spending 45 minutes to blow dry my hair straight. I have a hard time making up my mind...so, should I cut it short, or keep it long?

This is long:

And this is short (a few months after I got married I cut my hair short, and this is the shortest my hair has ever been):

I kind of regreted it when I cut it, but my hiar is so hard to manage otherwise.

Opinions Please.

05 March 2009

25 Things I Hate About Facebook

My friend posted this link, and it made me laugh, a lot. I completely agree with all 25.

I think the one that annoys me the most are people's facebook status.

Kelly is taking a shower
Kelly just went to the bathroom...number 2!
Kelly thinks you are stupid if you voted for...
Kelly just ate spaghetti
Kelly just yawned
Kelly just blinked

Really? Does anyone really need a play-by-play for your friends?