26 February 2009

Win a Free Photo Shoot

My friend Cristi is giving away a free photo shoot. Visit her blog here for details: http://www.creativejuicephotography.blogspot.com/

25 February 2009

Proof that the Internet is Scary

So...I have received a bunch of hits on my blog today, and I noticed that people kept getting referred to my blog from this website: http://www.slcdunk.com/. I'm kind of freaked out that some sports reporter found my blog and then bad-mouthed me for thinking that Jerry Sloan has a potty mouth. Apparently it is "awkward" that I think that. Next time around, "Basketball John," perhaps you should ask my permission to quote me. But anyway, I am flattered that you think that my blog is one of the The "Best Links In All the World, In All the NBA, In All the Universe... 24 February 2009." And sir, I could not care less about the Jazz, so no, I do not follow them. I actually don't like the Jazz for your information. Their fans are rude, as evident by you. Like I said in my previous post, I have never sat front row at a game before, so no, I did not know about Sloan's potty mouth. Let me ask you, "Basketball John," do you follow the Jazz? Because gathering your facts from a GIRL who's blog clearly proves that she is not a sports fanatic, is kind of a cop-out.

On that note, I'm thinking it is time to change my blog to the private setting. Even though the comments I have been receiving are from strangers, probably all dumb men who read "Basketball John's" articles, they can still crush a girl's ego.

24 February 2009

Yeah for Friends!

I have been very proactive lately in trying to make more friends and do fun things, and it has worked! For the past few months, we have had something to do every weekend night! From dinner parties with these fun people, to lunch dates with this cute girl (who you may recognize from the Proactive commercials, although I have never seen her skin with one zit), to girl’s nights with this new friend, Super Bowl parties with these old friends, game nights, dinner dates and Oscar parties with these new favorites, to late nights at Spark with friends and front row seats to the Jazz game with friends, our weekends have been busy and fun, finally!

On Friday night we went to this posh little place called Spark. The food is amazing, and the drinks even better. I ordered a Shirley Temple that came with cotton candy on top.

And for dessert:

Last night, our friends Jeff and Cristi invited us to the Jazz game. They have front row season tickets, right next to the Jazz players. Thank you so much Jeff and Cristi for inviting us. Never in our lifetime would we be able to score tickets like these.

Now, I was a little guilty going to the game given the current situation with the Jazz and the Suns. I still bleed purple and orange, but this was an experience of a lifetime. It was so cool to see NBA players that close up. I could literally touch them. I thought about tripping them a few times when they would go into the game, but Mac asked me not to. So you know that powder stuff that the players put on their hands before they go into the game? Freaking Carlos Boozer kept slapping his hands and getting powder in my eyes. I have always thought that Jerry Sloan is kind of a jerk, based on press conferences I have seen him conduct, and let me tell you, his potty mouth matches my assumptions.

I was in awe sitting on the front row. I asked the people sitting behind us if they could take a picture of Mac and I, and they looked at me like I was stupid. I later found out that it was Larry Miller's family who I asked. No wonder they thought I was weird.

I always wondered what was behind the mysterious windows at the back of the nose bleed section, and last night I found out, it's this:

A lot of yummy food for those who hold the good tickets.

Here are some pictures from a front-row view (I took some of these from your blog, Cristi...hope you don't mind):

Oh, and see this little towel that Carlos Boozer has around his neck:

I may have jacked it...and it might be on sale for $75 on KSL as I type:

If you were wondering if Carlos Boozer sweats, he does. A lot. It's gross.

The players butts kept getting in my face when they checked the ball in the game, a perfect photo opt:

What Mac? It's embarrassing when I take pictures of the players' butts in front of Larry Miller's family, and while the camera is on the players? Whatev.

At the end of the game, when confetti came down, I saved a purple and orange piece in honor of the Suns.

Oh, and don't worry Leandro, I still want you to come and be a part of mine and Mac's marriage (Mac, close your eyes). And don't worry, when I get frightened that some scary man is going to come in my house at night and kill me, this is still the face that pops into my head :

Thanks so much guys, we had such a fun time.

So in conclusion, yeah for friends!

15 February 2009

Valentine's Love, Koala Style

I think that since most of my posts are about animals, I should have joined the circus or something.

This story = so cute!

A koala named Sam was saved from the Australia fires and after drinking three bottles of water, and experiencing burn wounds, she was taken to a wildlife shelter, where she met Bob, another koala.

And they fell in love.