24 January 2009


After six weeks, my kids in Ghana finally received their Christmas packages. I was starting to get a little worried that the packages had either been lost or stolen. Fortunately, they arrived yesterday, safely, with nothing stolen. Thanks again to everyone who donated.

Here is a letter from Venunye Djentuh, Mama’s son:

Hi Kelly,

This is to announce to you with joy that the parcels arrived today. These are two large brown boxes and one small white box. All the contents are safe in the box. We would therefore like to thank all donors for their supports. We hope the arrival of this parcels will encourage all donors that in future when call upon to support they will donate to us generously. Please pass it on to all donors both in kind or in cash. On this sad note, Mama Esi has lost the mother last week. She was 92 years old. I hope to hear from you soon.


My best Christmas gift was a phone call from the orphanage on Christmas day. I feel so lucky that they still make an effort to keep in contact with me. I can’t wait to see them again.

This is a picture of the kids (and a few friends) getting ready to go to church on Christmas day. It looks like Mama Esi made some new church clothes for the children for Christmas. Mama Esi is the most wonderful woman I have ever met.

Thank you to everyone, once again.


URFAVE5 said...

Wow that is really neat. I didn't know of your involvement with these neat people. The more I get to know about you the more I'm just amazed at what an amazing woman you are.

It was good to hear from you again! I have to say that it made me laugh a little at your comment about worshiping me when you were little. I always thought you were just a doll. When Brian and I were married and lived in the ward with you I was your Beehive advisor for a short while. Do you remember that? Brian and I just thought you were the sweetest girl and so pretty. You've always been just beautiful! It's so fun to see what a nice woman you've grown up to be.

I wish that you did live down here we'd love to go out on a double date with you and Mac. But doing what your doing is all well worth it, I promise. Brian never did much schooling. He has always done really well in the construction field and has never been much of a school guy so he never did much of it. Oh how much smarter it would have been if he'd got more of an education! Now with the economy the way it is the construction field isn't doing so hot. An education would have sure been nice to fall back on. So be glad that Mac and you have gone to school. Better to struggle a bit when your young then to struggle when your getting old. Anyway, even though it's a little hard it well worth it!

I'm so glad that your doing good and are happy. From reading your blogs I can see that you are happy and that you are married to a great guy!

Take Care and Keep Blogging!
Love, Cousin JoLynn

Kim and Matt said...

I think that you are so amazing for organizing something like this. You are such a sweet woman. Miss you.

The Yates said...

i love your africa pictures. what a nice thing you are doing! nice to be blog friends now! josh and i really want to try the new iggy's by costco. we've never been, so maybe we could all go this weekend?

MeganandClaudy said...

Kelly, that movie does that hillarious! Good call, because that's one my husband might not want to see with me. Friday and Saturday night are actually out, plus I'm kinda broke, so how would going to a matinee sound on Saturday?
I found these times at the university mall. Let me know what works for you :)
Plus I'm totally find with us just going unless you want me to bring some people...
11:05am 11:05am 12:30 2:05

The Yates said...

hey! yes we're going to the ward party. we'd love to drive up together, sounds fun. we can just pick you up a little before its time to be there. let me know!

Erich and Katie said...

I am glad to hear everthing arrived there!! I hope you are doing well! Please let me know when ou are in AZ next! We can do luch or something!

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