18 December 2008

R.I.P. Boring Days of My LIfe

After 102 miserable days (that’s equal to 146,880 minutes and 29% of the year) of making music videos on Mac’s phone of my feet dancing, aimlessly perusing the web, playing on-line paper dolls and internet checkers, reading, watching episodes of Kath and Kim on Hulu over and over again, planning the life I would like to have, drawing pictures using Microsoft Paint, chatting with my African friends, substitute teaching bratty kids, annoying my husband with 50 phone calls at work each day, watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls on ABC Family at 11/10 Central, taking a few naps every day, being sneaky and making funny comments on Mac's notes for school, crying in my bed, watching Saved by The Bell on DVD (yes, I’m a loser and I own all four seasons)…

I will finally have a job, and I will begin January 6. It has been so long since I have been working, that now I am so nervous to start another new job. I am so grateful, though, and I am so happy that we will be adding another deposit to our pathetic bank account every two weeks.

Let’s hope that this time around, the company I work for will not:

A) Become corrupt causing me to quit
B) Go bankrupt due to a crappy economy and close down

Out of all this, I have learned that I could NEVER and will NEVER be, just a stay-at-home mom/housewife.

The End.

10 December 2008

I Want a Chimp to Adopt Me

This is so adorable! This chimp adopted these cute tiger cubs. Apparently she has also raised lion cubs before, too. Read the article here.

06 December 2008

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who donated needed items to my Kpando Children's Fund. I was able to collect the needed items for all 13 children: flip-flops, rain coats, and back packs.

I even received some extra items which are also much needed by the kids:
75 tooth brushes, 80 individual-sized toothpastes, underwear for all, shampoo to last a few years, children's multi-vitamins, school supplies, bar soap and more. Mac and I went through our old t-shirts and we were able to send one to each of the children.

Thank you to my dad for donating $250 towards over half of the shipping costs.

Thank you to Mac's parents for donating underwear and undershirts.

Thank you to my sister-in-law for donating the tooth paste, tooth brushes, soap, shampoo, underwear and vitamins.

Thank you to the sisters in my ward for donating back packs, coats and flip flops.

Without everyone's help, this would not have been possible!

I am so happy that these children will be receiving these much needed supplies, and I KNOW that they are also thrilled.

This is an exerpt from an email I received this week from Mama Esime's son, who runs the orphanage:

Hello Kelly,
I am fine and hope you are too. I thank God that finally your dream to help the kids at the orphanage is coming into reality. There is no cause to fear all the items will arrive safe. We had in the past all the items sent to us coming to the orphanage safe. I am so grateful to the sisters in your church all that assisted you to organize this package especially your dada who is also helping you to have the items posted. On behalf of the kids and mum, more grease to your elbow for the good work done. Hope to hear from soon


Thank you!