05 November 2008

There, I said it.....

Can I just share a few reasons why I am a little embarrassed to be living among such narrow-minded, idiotic, and uneducated Utahans? (no offense to my Utah friends, I am not talking about you). Well, here are a few, and I quote:

“Obama is THE Anti-Christ.”

“Obama is a baby-killer.”

“Excuse me sir, we have talked as neighbors, and we are a Republican neighborhood, and we would appreciate it if you took your Obama/Biden sign out of your lawn.”

“Obama probably killed his grandmother last night to get the sympathy vote.”

“Obama is THE son of perdition.”

I am so glad the election is over because…

Backpacks have been stolen because they display Obama pins, billboards have been vandalized because they display Obama’s face, cars have been keyed because they fashion Obama’s stickers, and people have been called stupid because they have the right to choose….

When did all this become ok? Why are people so mean? Why are people acting so ignorant? Don’t you think we are all capable of making are own informed decisions about who we would like to lead our country?

I should have posted this last week, and then I would have said, do you really think that all your vandalism is getting any point across? Because its not. Its only showing how sad everyone is for being so unloving. The only way to get your point across would be to vote for yourself.

I am pretty sure that I am the only person I know who feels this way, but can I just say…dare I say… that I am excited that Barack Obama is our new president? Well I am.

I feel like in the place that I live, if you oppose the Republican candidate, then you are looked down upon or scrutinized. I was substitute teaching yesterday, and it was so sad to hear a room of second grade children chant, “O-ba-ma sucks! O-ba-ma sucks! O-ba-ma sucks!” to the one little girl in the classroom who said that she was voting for Obama (which of course really meant that that is who her parents were voting for). Look what our children are emulating.

Anyway, no matter who you voted for, it is time to start being a little more respectful of others’ views. Perhaps it is not like this in other states, but I have been in Utah throughout the whole thing, so I wouldn’t know. It is time to face the fact that Barack Obama is our next president, whether you voted for him or not.

(Gasp, I'm holding my breath...I know they're going to be mean)


Lindsee said...

Good post Kelly. So true. I am glad you said it!!

TheBastians said...

Jeff and I feel the EXACT same way!! But I've been scared to death to voice my opinion!!! Good for you for doing so!

Stacy Stoddard said...

That's interesting!! The great thing about freedom of speech is that we can be wrong! My friend in California had a similar experience but he was for prop 8 and for McCain and his friends and co-workers made fun of him for being such a "stupid Mormon". It happen everywhere, political views are like religious beliefs and most people are very passionate about how they feel. It is sad that you had such a bad experience with your those around you. Hopefully they will support our new leader anyways. -Neal-

TheBastians said...

PS - I'm going to use a couple of excerpts from this to post on my blog. That's how great I think it is! I hope you don't mind!

TheBastians said...

Kelly, (sorry - last comment, I promise!)

I just finished my big long post about this same topic. I used a quote from you - the one about the children chanting "Obama sucks." I'm really glad you wrote this.

And I'm so glad you guys tracked us down and found our blog! We should hang out sometime!

donelle said...

Amen! The hatred has got to stop. I felt it in Utah towards Obama and I've definitely felt it in DC towards McCain. Hopefully our country can unite and support our next president, whether they voted for him or not!

Gini said...

I think It always gets this way around election time. People get so wrapped up in it, and they should, but to go to such extremes is really sad. Isabel came home from school yesterday wondering why the new president is a baby killer. So sad! I had some one tell me that the only good thing about him being elected is that he will now be assinated!!! I was in shock, what a stupid comment. It amazes me how full of hatred people can be.

Trent and Steph said...

Ha ha, yes Jeff is my cousin. What a small world we live in. That's too funny.

Ali said...

Thank thank thank... I feel the same way presidant Paker said there are changes about to happen and this is just the start. I am blessed to be on the earth at this time and to see the rightouse rise up and bring peace to this world. In my opinion things happen because people get to learn lessons... and sometimes they seem like hard lessons but this just maybe a lessons to trust in the lord and start making peace in all areas even when things in your eyes aren't going the way you planned. Now is the time to stand for TRUTH and LOVE. It's about time. Sorry so long I am just very passionate about this topic and I could go on for days. So thanks again.

Marian said...

Thank you! I feel the same way. People can make informed decisions, whether you agree with them or not.

TheBastians said...

You've been lucky to have all positive posts in response! I've had a couple of negative ones!

Christine and Ronnie Brown said...

We used to vote republican, but stopped when it finally became obvious to us how corrupt they'd become. How anybody could vote repub after the last 8 years defies all logic. The only thing this last election proves for the repubs is that you can fool some of the people all of the time!

The sad thing is that so many wonderful church members feel that voting republican is the same as going to church. Did we make covenants to vote republican? If anything, these people have reinforced that the decision we made to support Obama was not only the correct one, but the rightous one as well.

Kelly, we are so glad you chose to take this stand. Remember what Obama said "This Country needs more Service, Sacrifice, and Love."

We love you, Mom and Dad

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