24 November 2008

Holly's Wedding

Last weekend I went to Arizona (again) for my hot best friend, Holly’s wedding.

We had so much fun spending the whole day together before her wedding. We ate lunch together, got manicures and pedicures, and ran a bunch of wedding errands together.

She had a Tongan reception the night before, and that was a blast.

I had fun following these two guys around (Ray’s cousin and brother), admiring their frohawks. Maybe I was a little annoying when I kept asking to take pictures with their hair.

I had fun being one of Holly’s bridesmaids, and making friends with the other girls.

Melissa (one of the other bridesmaids) and I met on Friday, and decided that we are pretty much the same person, and that we should be friends for life.

I stayed with the family I used to nanny, The Robertson family, and we had so much fun. Carly went with me to the reception and we went shopping, went to lunch, and on Saturday night after Holly’s reception, Carly, Kate (another girl I used to nanny at the Robertson’s house) and I went to see Twilight, of course.

I was so disappointed in the movie. I didn’t expect it to be great, because what book-turned-movie is? But seriously, the acting was terrible. Carly and I couldn’t stop laughing. Edward Cullen is still my fantasy, though, so whatev. He can act however he wants.

I’m so happy for Holly and Ray. It has been a long five years of dating for the two of them.


kemra said...

I'm SO SAD that I missed it - I wanted to come see you & Holly!!! You looked gorgeous!!!

I totally got sick, AND Dean was out of town for the weekend (I think that's why I got sick. 4 days of being a single mom...I know I"m a wimp!) and I didn't think I could wrestle the 2 kids alone...while I was trying not to get snot and my sore throat germs on EVERYTHING!!!! It looks like it was a blast!

Bekah Parker said...

Oh she just looks so pretty. I wish I could have gone. It must have been quite the event!

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