24 November 2008

Holly's Wedding

Last weekend I went to Arizona (again) for my hot best friend, Holly’s wedding.

We had so much fun spending the whole day together before her wedding. We ate lunch together, got manicures and pedicures, and ran a bunch of wedding errands together.

She had a Tongan reception the night before, and that was a blast.

I had fun following these two guys around (Ray’s cousin and brother), admiring their frohawks. Maybe I was a little annoying when I kept asking to take pictures with their hair.

I had fun being one of Holly’s bridesmaids, and making friends with the other girls.

Melissa (one of the other bridesmaids) and I met on Friday, and decided that we are pretty much the same person, and that we should be friends for life.

I stayed with the family I used to nanny, The Robertson family, and we had so much fun. Carly went with me to the reception and we went shopping, went to lunch, and on Saturday night after Holly’s reception, Carly, Kate (another girl I used to nanny at the Robertson’s house) and I went to see Twilight, of course.

I was so disappointed in the movie. I didn’t expect it to be great, because what book-turned-movie is? But seriously, the acting was terrible. Carly and I couldn’t stop laughing. Edward Cullen is still my fantasy, though, so whatev. He can act however he wants.

I’m so happy for Holly and Ray. It has been a long five years of dating for the two of them.

18 November 2008

Will it One Day Get Better?

I’ve been out of a job for almost two months and we only make enough to get pay our rent ant utilities. We have had to take money out of our small savings account to make up for our loss. Our car is falling apart and will most likely die any day. Mac’s scooter can barely start, and it’s getting too cold for him to ride it anymore, anyway. We had to cancel our graduation trip because we can no longer afford it. Our money from donating plasma has run out, which means no more groceries until we can save up more. My blow dryer has been broken for the past two weeks, and I can’t afford a new one, so I burn my fingers by trying to hold the nozzle up-right to get my hair dry. Our house is constantly freezing because we can’t afford to run the heat very high. None of my clothes fit, and we can’t afford to buy me any new ones. Mac's only suit has a new hole in the butt, and we can't afford a new one for him to interview in. My only dress shoes are falling apart, and I literally have to keep my foot down to the ground so that you can't notice that the sole is about to fall off. Our plans to move in February are now up in the air. Neither of us have any immediate family near to give us comfort.

So what helps me to get through every day?

These children:

They have so little, and yet they are so happy. When I think about my time in Ghana, I remember how lucky I am. This experience will always be a reminder to me that it doesn’t matter what you wear, or what you drive, or where you live, or what others may think.

As long as we have each other, nothing else matters.

10 November 2008

Halloween is Totally Boss

Mac and I were Juno and Paulie Bleeker for Halloween.

We went to a cool party on the day after Halloween with our friends, Chad and Lauren.

Lauren liked my pretend pregnant belly. Pregnant bellies are hard to master. Mine looked like a vampire baby...that's not always a bad thing.

Mac liked playing in the arcade.

I liked playing basketball.

The party was hopping.

Yes, your eyes were right...that is the real NBA Allstar floor from the Utah Jazz.

And actual NBA memorabilia.

Thanks Jeff and Cristi for being so hospitable.

05 November 2008

There, I said it.....

Can I just share a few reasons why I am a little embarrassed to be living among such narrow-minded, idiotic, and uneducated Utahans? (no offense to my Utah friends, I am not talking about you). Well, here are a few, and I quote:

“Obama is THE Anti-Christ.”

“Obama is a baby-killer.”

“Excuse me sir, we have talked as neighbors, and we are a Republican neighborhood, and we would appreciate it if you took your Obama/Biden sign out of your lawn.”

“Obama probably killed his grandmother last night to get the sympathy vote.”

“Obama is THE son of perdition.”

I am so glad the election is over because…

Backpacks have been stolen because they display Obama pins, billboards have been vandalized because they display Obama’s face, cars have been keyed because they fashion Obama’s stickers, and people have been called stupid because they have the right to choose….

When did all this become ok? Why are people so mean? Why are people acting so ignorant? Don’t you think we are all capable of making are own informed decisions about who we would like to lead our country?

I should have posted this last week, and then I would have said, do you really think that all your vandalism is getting any point across? Because its not. Its only showing how sad everyone is for being so unloving. The only way to get your point across would be to vote for yourself.

I am pretty sure that I am the only person I know who feels this way, but can I just say…dare I say… that I am excited that Barack Obama is our new president? Well I am.

I feel like in the place that I live, if you oppose the Republican candidate, then you are looked down upon or scrutinized. I was substitute teaching yesterday, and it was so sad to hear a room of second grade children chant, “O-ba-ma sucks! O-ba-ma sucks! O-ba-ma sucks!” to the one little girl in the classroom who said that she was voting for Obama (which of course really meant that that is who her parents were voting for). Look what our children are emulating.

Anyway, no matter who you voted for, it is time to start being a little more respectful of others’ views. Perhaps it is not like this in other states, but I have been in Utah throughout the whole thing, so I wouldn’t know. It is time to face the fact that Barack Obama is our next president, whether you voted for him or not.

(Gasp, I'm holding my breath...I know they're going to be mean)