30 October 2008

My Life

Ok, so has anyone seen the show, Kath and Kim? Well, it’s hilarious and I love it. It’s basically about a mother and daughter who are kind of stuck in a weird fashion funk, and think that they are really hot, but they are really big dorks. The daughter has just decided to separate from her new husband because he expects her to do things like microwave dinner every once in a while. She can’t handle it, and she decides to separate from him. Anyway, Kim, the daughter, says that she doesn’t want to do work because she’s a trophy wife, and she is too busy being a trophy wife to be working on a Tuesday.

You know how everyone you meet asks you what you do in terms of work, school, etc.? Well, I am graduated, and I don’t have a job (but I really wish I did). My new response to everyone is, “I’m a trophy wife!” I substitute teach 2 or 3 times a week, but other than that, I am just a trophy wife.

Anyway, since I have been a trophy wife, I have had to try to fill my time with things I normally wouldn’t consider. I bought groceries at the beginning of the month, and I have been cooking dinner this whole month (big mistake, I hate cooking, and I make a huge mess when I try).

Two weeks ago, my good friend Laura (I was a nanny to her children for 11 years) came in to town fore a nursing conference, and we met up in Salt Lake for lunch and dinner. Besides taking me on a shopping spree to Anthropologie (she totally spoils me, thanks, Laura), she recommended a few things for me to do while I am in my trophy wife stage. She recommended that I learn to knit. We were walking through Anthropologie, and I kept seeing cute hats and scarves, but I just thought to myself, why pay $128 dollars for a piece of yarn, when I can learn to knit, and make it myself. Coincidently, my friend Lindsee e-mailed me that same day and asked me if I wanted to learn to knit. Last week, Lindsee tried to teach me, but that didn’t go so well—I could only knit a line, kind of. Luckily we will be getting together twice a month for her to help me. Thanks, Lindsee!

Laura also suggested that I read the Twilight books. A few years ago, I saw Twilight in Barnes and Noble and I thought that it looked interesting, but I never bought it because I was too poor, and I was too busy with school to read leisurely. Well, since then, these books have become really popular and it seems like everyone insisted that I read them. I’m not one to conform, so I decided that I wouldn’t read them. Well, coincidently again, after Laura suggested that I read the books, my sister-in-law, Gini, came down to visit from Idaho, and she brought me the first book to read (Thank you so much, Gini). I thought that I would maybe get around to reading it after I finished some of my other books that I was already reading. Well, on Monday the 20th, I picked it up and read a few pages. Four days later, I had finished the first book. This was probably the third best decision of my life. I absolutely love Twilight! Is it bad to be married and to be in love with a fictional character at the same time? Because I am. I love Edward Cullen! Mac was happy that I found something that I loved so much. On Friday, he came home from work with the complete set. I finished the second book, New Moon, on Saturday, and I was already started on the third book, Eclipse by Saturday night. Mac basically did not have a wife for the whole weekend. I am trying to pace myself with Eclipse, because I want to save Breaking Dawn for my plane ride to Seattle next weekend. I was even hoping that I could stretch the book out to read on my other plane ride to Arizona in another 3 weeks. I don’t see this happening. I could have Eclipse finished by tonight, and Breaking Dawn finished by Saturday.

When I go to Arizona in three weeks, I will be arriving on the night that the movie Twilight comes out. The girl I used to nanny, Carly, and I are going to the midnight showing that night (Sorry Gini, I just don’t think I would be able to wait until a later date to drive up and see it with you…you understand, right…). I can’t wait!

I can’t believe how obsessed I am with this book. I can hardly sleep at night. My mind keeps wandering, narrating the book as I think it would happen. Then, I have dreams that I am Bella. Then sometimes, I really think that I am Bella. I think I need help, but I don’t want any. I love it too much! Who knew that i could be obsessed with a book about vampires?

So, that is what I have been doing since being a trophy wife. What? I'm pathetic? Whatev.


{alisse t} said...

I'm glad you found something you love! Yeah, once they're over, you'll want more- so pace yourself! :)

And you are probably the best trophy wife ever. It is a hard job, but I'm sure you do it well!

Gini said...

Don't worry, I understand. I am planning on going for the midnight showing as well, but I plan on seeing it more than once! (if it is as good as the books) So if you want to see it again, let me know.

By the way, trophy wives are not suppose to cook!! Stop that! J/K

Craig and Lindsay said...

Oh my heck, I miss you so much!! I was thinking about you the other day and when we use to get free food and dance on the beach! I miss you, come back to AZ!!!! I love you! PS I'm 17, I'm 17! Ha ha!

April McEvoy said...

I think i may be the only female alive to read the "twighlight" series and NOT fall in love with Edward :) I was actually pretty annoyed by the sappy romance of the books. I know... i am weird! Good Luck with the job hunt... what a pain!

kemra said...

You make me laugh so hard! I hope you like the movie - I'm lame with no friends to go with...I'll probably wait until it comes out so I can rent it!

Sean & Lacey said...

Kelly your post just made me laugh...I love love love that show, it's so funny and dumb! I'm so impressed of your being a trophy wife ;) That is so funny about the twilight books, I just started reading the first one and want to get into and see what all the fuss is about, last time I started I was obsessed for a few days and then got to distracted to keep reading....we'll see how round two goes. Oh and I am so happy that you dream about beind bella, too funny!

TheBastians said...

Hey guys! Thanks for finding our blog! I'll have to add you to our list so we can check up on you often! SO glad you came to the Halloween party - it was great seeing you and catching up! And your costumes were awesome!

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