14 October 2008

Trip to Arizona

Last week we went to Arizona for my friend Kelly’s wedding.

I was so excited to get out of Utah for the week, but once I got to Arizona, it didn’t feel like home anymore, but Utah doesn’t feel like home either. I’m a home orphan.

Anyway, we did have fun, though.

I was able to see my kids (the kids I was a nanny to for 11 years). I miss them so much and it is hard to know that they have a new nanny. Let’s be honest, though, I’m still their favorite! I think it's because my jokes are so funny.

I can’t believe how big they are. Carly (the oldest) is 15 now. I started babysitting her when she was 3. Jack is now 13. It’s weird to think that I used to change his diapers. A year had past since I last saw him, and I was in shock when I heard his deep voice. My little Abby (Munchie, as I call her) is so big, too. I have been babysitting for the Robertson’s before Abby was even born. My first year of marriage was super hard because I cried every night because I missed them so much.

On my birthday I was able to hang out with one of my favorite friends, Holly (I hate that my birthday always falls on or around conference weekend). I miss her so much, too. She is my one friend who I can tell anything to, and completely be myself. I had not seen Holly since my wedding 2 years prior, and it was like no time passed at all.

Holly and I like to joke that she is my lower half and I am her upper half—she completes me, and I complete her—(if you know Holly and I, no explanation is needed for this one). Mac had never seen me have so much fun with a friend. I think he was happy to see me so happy.

Mac was able to see first hand some of the crazy antics that I am capable of, and I think him and Ray were a little embarrassed.

Sometimes Holly and I like to walk through crowded malls with our hands adjoined.

And nestle by the fires.

And jump.

Anyway, Holly’s my favorite.

While we were in Arizona, Mac met this puppy:

He really wants him. They love each other. Mac + puppy = Puppy Love. I think Mac wishes that I could birth English Bulldogs…..maybe I can.

We were also able to see my sister and her kids, Colter and Cash. I had never Cash until last week. She birthed cute kids. So did my brother’s wife. That’s a lot of pressure (maybe birthing English Bulldogs would be a good thing).

I still have no job. Cool. I will be substitute teaching in the meantime, though. Tomorrow I am teaching Spanish to 8th graders. Woo!

Good thing my dad gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for my birthday. Now I have 4 new books to help to pass my times of boredom. One of my books is 752 pages. Turns out, I’m pretty smart.

Can someone please invite me to a Halloween costume party? I have a fantastic idea for a costume and I need to use it before anyone else does.


Erin said...

Kelly, I would totally invite you to a Halloween costume party out here in Rhode Island, but I have a feeling you wouldn't come:( So, I hope someone else invites you to one! Anyway, if you can birth english bulldogs, can we adopt one? That'd be great.

Lindsee said...

You are hilarious! Birthing English bulldogs...you are too much fun. My ward is having a trunk or treat. That's where Tyler and I will be. You and Mac are more than welcome to come :)

rigby ericksons said...

Kelly, you can come to our Halloween party! You guys totally should come visit on Halloween weekend, we would have so much fun!

Arizona looks like so much fun! I can't believe how big Abbie is getting. She was so small at your wedding!

We(Jason and I) are coming to Utah this weekend for the U game on Saturday. We'd love to see you guys. Maybe we could meet up for dinner or something?

{alisse t} said...

How come I didn't know Kelly's wedding already happened??!! I never got an invite, and you never told me you were coming to AZ! We should've got some girls together & had a mini-reunion. You're in trouble, Missy.

{alisse t} said...

Just kidding I still love you.

And i still want you to have a blue eyed- brunett baby girl named Rory Brown.

donelle said...

Kell! So glad you were able to catch up with everyone while in Mesa. But I'm sad I wasn't able to be there and play with all of you. We're having a Halloween party at my place...you and Mac are totally welcome here! What kind of costume idea do you have? Hope you have a fantabulous week. Love you. Miss you.

MeL said...

Since it's fairly safe to assume that you won't be able to come to Arizona for a halloween party, hows about you share your idea with me, and I'll wear it here and you'll wear it there and I'll give you all the credit...eh? Sound good?

Emily Lauren said...

Looks like you had a fun vacation, even though you're state-homeless. How fun!!
I can't wait to see those English Bulldogs you birth. :) ha ha. They are adorable. . .

Cory & Kristyn McLaws said...

hey lady! i wish you could be here for halloween! were going to have a blast... oh am i rubbing that in?? sorry! :) so i was looking through your blog and i noticed you friend Holly... i have met her! ah was funny chick! she knows the girl im having the halloween party with chase and shalyse rogers.. her and her boyfriend im sure will be there! SMALL WORLD!

Rachel Williams said...

Wow, you were a dedicated nanny . . . . 11 years! So, when are you guys coming up to Seattle? Give us the details on that!

kemra said...

You are one of the funniest people I know! I'm sad that I missed seeing you - but I WILL see you next month right!

I'm going to a costume party next week...and I would LOVE it if you would come! Please!

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