10 September 2008

Once Again

Again, will work for food. The clinical boarding school that I work at is shutting down, which means I will only have a job for two weeks or less. Why do I have the worst luck ever?


Lindsee said...

Oh no!! You can be a pool monitor at Belmont and kick all the girls in bikinis out:)

Are you coming tomorrow night?

heather said...

Oh. Welcome to the job hunting world. Its loads of fun. I love rejection. :) Okay. Good Luck. I'm sure you'll find something great!! And by the way, are you ready to hang out with me?? 'Cause I am here! Finally in a place, with my own bed, and if you don't mind that I smell a little (well my cloths smell a little because I STILL don't have a washer and drier) we can totally get together!

April McEvoy said...

Kelly- You have had some bad luck with jobs lately! I am so sorry to hear that your school is closing. I hope you can find something else! Also- hope you got the invite to the Baby Shower. if you didn't, let me know and i will give you all the info on it. Looking foward to seeing you!

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