24 September 2008

Look at me, look at me!

So I self-diagnosed myself as having ADD. I am at work, bored out of my mind, with nothing to do for the next 3 days at my job. The school is closing, so I am just here to be here so that I can get my severance pay. So I guess I will make a Blog post because my life is so great and exciting.

This summer, Mac and I went to L.A. for an extended weekend to visit our good friend Branson Brinton, or Bran-Bran as I like to call him. Branson is my favorite person! I never imagined that I would be comfortable just hanging out with one of my husband’s single guy friends, but I love hanging out with Branson. He’s our little Bran-Bran! Branson moved to L.A. this summer to get his master’s degree at USC. Since he has been gone, Mac and I have gone through serious withdrawals. Branson used to come over and visit us all the time. He would even spend the night at our house sometimes. A few weekends ago, Mac had to work a graveyard shift at his work, and I said to him, “I wish Branson was here, because he could come spend the night at our house so that I wouldn’t have to be alone and I would have a friend to hang out with.” That is how comfortable I am around Branson.

Ladies, in case you are wondering, Branson is single, and I am willing to except applications to date him (I have to approve of you first). Branson is the sweetest, nicest, most fun guy you will ever meet. He has been such a good friend to us, and especially to Mac.

Anyway, this isn’t a post to promote the dating of Branson, but rather to share my pictures form our trip (which happened almost 3 months ago).

Meet Branson. What a gem.

Branson likes trees.

He's a friend to the whales.

Ah, best fwiends.

My husband and Branson really love to feed each other, or maybe my husband just really loves his friends, see the hillarious details here.

Branson was kind of enough to be our photographer and take obnoxious pictures like these:

Some of you may know, but I have a slight obsession with homeless people/people who look homeless/people who appear to be homeless because they are sleeping in public. But don't get me wrong, I love homeless people, and I always give them money. Since I was younger, I have been accumulating pictures of myself with those who appear to be homeless. I know, I'm a sick and twisted individual. But because I have entered into this thing called marriage, Mac does not approve of this odd obsession of mine. So, I have to take pictures without me in them:

I have a big head and 80's bangs.

Mac likes to choke me.

And then perform the Heimlich in front of roller coasters.

See the man in the background of this picture, I'm pretty sure he is a pedophile. The young girl who was taking the picture for us was being photographed by him before this picture was taken. Creepy.

California has cute houses:

And cute windows. I have another obsession with old windows (come to my house and see my 3 newest additions, oh wait, who am I talking to...silly me, no friends. Mac, come and see the windows on the wall in the family room/only room other than our bedroom).

My husband loves kids. Can you tell that he would really like one of his own?

Green walls are cool. And so am I.

When we came across Gilmore Lane, of course Mac had to take a picture of it, as eveident by his obsession with Gilmore Girls (don't kill me, Mac).


I resemble a mole in this picture.

I hate flying in planes.

Before take-off (fake smile):


I know, my face is ugly. Whatev.

That's all. Expect more soon.

16 September 2008

What celebrities would look like if they moved to Utah...Why do I think this is so funny?

11 September 2008

Kpando, Ghana Children's Fund Blog

I am starting my first project with the foundation I am starting and I have created a blog for it here: http://kpandochildrensfund.blogspot.com. Let me know if you are interested in donating. I am still in the process of making it an actual non-profit organization so that your donations can be tax-deductible, but until then, your donations are needed! I would love your help, and so would this cute face:

From Ghana 2008


10 September 2008

Once Again

Again, will work for food. The clinical boarding school that I work at is shutting down, which means I will only have a job for two weeks or less. Why do I have the worst luck ever?