19 June 2008

Ghana I Miss You

I still miss Ghana so much. To help me to feel like I am in Ghana, or at least Africa, I spend as much time as possible reading my African novels and autobiographies, lay in the sun, wear my African clothing, and listen to Ghana radio via the internet. I read my journal of letters that my friends in Ghana wrote to me, daily. I wanted to share some of these because the letters they wrote me are so kind and poetic, yet so sincere. If someone in America wrote these, it would probably be considered a funny joke, but in Ghana, they really mean what they say. After reading them, you will probably see why I loved it there so much. Here are some of my favorites:

“On behalf of my friends, we will like to thank you so much for the support given to us. We hope to take good care of the items you gave, observe your advice, and above all, respect our mother who is taking good care of us. Thank you once again and God highly bless you Sister Kelly. Thank you very much. Goodbye, but I am sad you are going home. And I will never forget you. I Wisdom.”

- Wisdom (My favorite orphan)

“Among the stones there is a diamond, among the flowers there is a rose, and among friends there is you. You are so special to me. I love you so much.”

- Christian Akagbor

“I will love the sun in the day, the moon at night, but you forever.”

- Wisdom Ativor

“No day so drear, or dark and dim, that you can not hear my calling. I know you are near to me even though you are gone. I will never forget you.”

- Jude Agbesi

“Days of joy came when the Africa shore as well as the shore of Kpando embrace an American lady by name Kelly Brown as a rolemodel of HIV/AIDS. But today, turning and turning no more. I see her no more, hear her no more, talk with her no more. But her presence and departure would ever be green in my memories. I miss you so much. Have a happy stay at America. I care.”

- Newell Klu

“Never will I forget you in Ghana (Delta Preparatory School). You were sociable and kind to all of us and I hope I will never forget you. God richly bless you and keep you healthy in all your lifetime. Read this citation any time you think of me: Isaiah 54:1-17.”

- Abogy Patrick

“It is great to be young. I wish I were young again to follow your footsteps by sharing my knowledge and experience with people who need my assistance. You were good and nice to us in all fields of life as I know you within these few weeks. May the good Lord replenish you and give you good health in abundance.”

- Headmaster W.I.C. Dowoeh

“Hi Kelly. Your departure from the shore of our great land (Africa), your overwhelming joy that you shared with us at Delta; we and especially I can not afford to lose your contact. Remember the saying, ‘Every good turn deserves favor.’ May the almighty grant you unlimited success, prosperity, and every single activity you shall endeavor to do. I wish you a happy and successful marriage with flamboyant, responsible and God-fearing offspring. May God richly bless you. Hoping to hearing from you. Thank you, goodbye.”

- Divine Amnesty


MeL said...

Oh my gosh. I just read your whole Ghana post and I am so amazed by your experience! The things you did are truly incredible, the pictures you have are priceless and I am so envious of your trip! Seriously, it's amazing. Congrats on making such a huge impact on these kids lives and having them in turn love you back! Your post was amazing and I think everyone would benefit from reading it and putting their lives in perspective. You are such an inspiration, I hope that someday I can have such a life changing experience too! Love ya Kelli!

Ronnie & Christine Brown said...

Dear Daughter, I am sitting here with Adien (Charlie & Candi's youngest) on my lap with my heart swelling from reading these wonderful, poetic expressions of unrestrained love and respect for who you are and what you mean to all of us who are fortunate enough to have you as part of our lives. I agree with every one of them, and I'm so thankful that you were able to bring something of those wonderful people here so that our understanding of the "Brotherhood of Mankind" is increased, if only by a little.

heather said...

Those are so sweet! The sun and moon one is amazing. They are all so poetic. Is this a part of their culture?

Too bad you can't adopt Wisdom!

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