03 May 2008

Gone to Africa

Gone to Africa for a month, alone, without Mac...

I'm a little hypochondriacal, so...

Pray that I don't get robbed, kidnapped, pick-pocketed, shot, killed, stabbed, etc.
Pray that I don't get in a tro-tro crash.
Pray that I don't become infected with dengue, yellow fever, malaria, west nile virus, African trypanosomiasis, giardiasis, schistosomiasis, encephalitis, avian flu, bird flu, polio, meningitis, typhoid, cryptosporidiosis, filariasis, leishmaniasis, onchocerciasis, tuberculosis, rabies...

Oh, and pray that my plane doesn't crash! I hate planes.

And P.S. I am missing Mac's birthday, which is on May 8, so feel free to email him and wish him a happy birthday, since I will probably not even be able to call him. His email is to the right, to the right --->

If I die, have nice lives! Nante yie!