23 April 2008

Las Vegas

We went to Las Vegas about three weeks ago and I have not posted the pictures yet. We went to meet up with my brother and his family who were in Vegas for the week for a neonatal nursing conference for my sister-in-law. They are from San Diego, so we met half way. When events like this come up, it makes our lives seem more eventful. So, here are the pictures.

Oh, look. It's Mac putting his arms in the air next to an orange car that he liked.

Oh, and here's Mac again. In one of the casinos he found a tie store from Milano, Italy, where he served his mission, and this happened to be his favorite store on his mission. I suggested we take this photo opp. He hesitantly agreed.

And here we are. Look at us. It stinks when you have to take pictures with your arms holding the camera out in front of you.

Here's my nephew Andy, wishing hard with his penny. Classic.

Her's my dead face. I have a problem with eyeliner. No matter what kind I buy, it always ends up under my eyes and I look dead. I think it has something to do with the creases under my eyes. Cool. So I like to emphasize my dead face by doing this number. Mac told me not to put this on the blog because it is weird, so I put it on anyway. Happy Halloween:

Baby Jack. He has to be the most well-behaved baby I have ever met. He just sits there all chill and smiles.

Rock on! Mac taught this to Andy two years ago, and he still remembers it when we come to visit.

While in Vegas, I had a mild obsession with posing with the nude statues. I have a few others, but they are a little inappropriate for the blog.

And to think, only 10 hours prior to this photo, there was an exotic dancer dancing in the letter O. My attempt to take an artsy picture of Zoolander.

Ten minutes after this tognue picture, I stole Mac's gelato cone and ate it all. Oops.

This is Andy and I waiting to be fed at Andy's birthday dinner.

The End.

Ok, fine. One more picture of me with some statues. Too bad I was clothed.