27 March 2008

Warning to all men: proceed with caution! Leave if you are easily offended!

So this is probably as personal as I will ever get on my blog, and quite frankly, a little disgusting: Today, I finally experienced "my time of the month," to put it nicely. For the past three months, I have been without what I normally consider to be a nuisance, but when I finally experienced it today, I had never been so happy. For the past three months, I had been wondering if I was pregnant. I have taken several pregnancy tests, but they were all negative. Sometimes pregnancy tests can be inaccurate, so I have a doctor's appointment set up for late April—that was the soonest my doctor could "fit me in."

Why was I so freaked out about my eggo being prego? Well, besides the fact that having a baby anytime in the next year is not in my plans, I will be out of the country for a little over a month this summer. To prepare, I have been taking typhoid pills, anti-malarial pills, and I have had my hepatitis A number 1 and hepatitis B number 3 vaccines, a tetanus vaccine, a polio vaccine, the HPV vaccine (and no, I do not plan on being promiscuous, I am just a control freak and I would rather be safe than sorry…you never know what could happen when you are in a foreign country), a meningococcal vaccine, and a rabies vaccine. After I received all these vaccines and had started taking my pills, I realized that if I was pregnant, my little baby would most likely turn out to be a little less than perfect. In addition, the probability of me getting some type of parasite or bacterial infection while I am gone is pretty likely, and pregnant women are not supposed to be sitting for longer than 4 hours, let alone going on 20 hour flights. So, thank goodness, I am not pregnant!

Oh yeah, I found a new job, too, in case anyone was wondering. I will be working as a medical assistant at one of Utah’s many treatment facilities—I swear, there is one on every corner here. I will be keeping my current job until I get incredibly sick of working in a Nazi camp, or they decide to shut down our office. We’ll see.

Oh, and here are some pictures that I have been meaning to post. A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law, Robyn, and her adorable girls were down in Utah visiting. We went to Mini's Cupcakes in Salt Lake and enjoyed delicious cupcakes. I have been wanting to go to Sprinkles Cupcakes in Los Angeles for sometime now, but every time I have tried to find it, I get lost. I was happy to discover that there are about 10 cupcake shops here in Utah. Fortunately, there is a new Sprinkles Cupcakes in Arizona, so I will be able to enjoy them there once we move. Ok, that's all. The end.

24 March 2008

Will work for food

So, I will probably be losing my job soon, due to a big legal investigation that my company is undergoing. If anyone knows of any good jobs in the Utah County area, I would love some input. I am desperate. Please help two newlywed college students, so that we do not end up on the streets.

Photo courtesy of liboriogangi.tripod.com

10 March 2008

A couple more reasons why I love Mac

So I am really obsessed with Gilmore Girls. I could watch it all day if I had the opportunity to. Last year when Gilmore Girls came to and end, Mac would watch it with me on Tuesday nights. At first, he said that he didn’t like it. Then on Tuesdays he would start to ask if I was going to watch it (because he secretly loved it). Then, this past summer, my friend, Donelle, would come over almost every night and bring the old seasons of Gilmore Girls that she had on DVD. So every night Mac would ask, “Is Donelle coming over? Call Donelle and tell her to come over!” As it turns out, I think my husband may love the show more than I do—which is perfectly fine with me. He understands and appreciates the wittiness of Lorelei and Rory and I think he secretly wishes that he was Luke (or maybe not so secretly).

Anyway, I have noticed that Mac will always reference the show, and it cracks me up. This is our conversation from a few weeks ago while driving home from Mac’s grandma’s house:

Me: If I was your grandma, I would knock down the wall in her family room to make the kitchen and family room have more space.

Mac: Yeah, and maybe add on another bedroom of off the kitchen, like Rory’s.

Another day:

Me: I would love to live in a town like that.

Mac: Yeah, I would too; it reminds me of where Lorelei lives.