14 February 2008

As far as husband go, Mac is totally boss...He is the cheese to my macaroni!

While most women give their husbands gifts such as man jewelry (ie. watches), candy or clothes on Valentine's Day, I bought this for mine:

Coincidentally, Mac bought me these (In addition to a few pairs of socks that say "Hot Mamma" and "Too Sexy"):

Who needs diamonds when you can have this?

Perhaps next year he will just go to China for my gift, cause I hear they give away babies like free iPods. Or perhaps my eggo will be preggo by then.

* Note: If you haven't seen Juno, then I probably sound like a lunatic. I also may be slightly obsessed with Juno.

06 February 2008

Please Say No Suns!

This may be the worst news of my life! Read Here.