31 January 2008

Tonight = Awesome!

I'm ditching class for this very deserving event! Mac and I watched all three seasons over Christmas break, in a one week time period. Losers, I know. Now we're addicted.


Stacy Hoyt said...

We're with you! We are total Lost addicts. I missed the first hour, but it was just the catch-up hour right? Anyway...there are always twists and turns and I am SO excited it's finally back!

kemra said...

Maybe I should give it a try - Dean loves this show, but I've only seen bits & pieces.

We watched all 3 seasons of The Office in one week this summer - so that we could be caught up for the 4th season. We ARE pathetic - but I love it!

Tannis said...

Ooo that show is muy bueno!

donelle said...

So maybe we should watch it together! Let me know when you're going to be watching it and I'm soooo there!

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