14 January 2008

Finally, a post that indicates the presence of real, live friends!

Look—I have friends! On Saturday, Lindsee and Kim decided to come over and visit me. Lindsee just moved up here with here husband and Kim was here visiting. They decided to drop by my house on Saturday, but I wasn’t home. Luckily, they were able to come over later that night and we all went to dinner. It was so fun to see them. I am so happy Lindsee lives up here now. I can’t wait to hang out with her more!

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kemra said...

Well of course you have friends - you are one of the funnest (I know that's not a word - but I really don't care!) people that I know! I miss all the crazy times we used to have - and can't wait until we can hang out again!

I'm glad you had fun with Lindsee & Kim! You look gorgeous in this picture (as you always do!)

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