31 December 2007

Merry Christmas to Me...Oh, I mean Holly...

On Christmas Eve, my friend Holly's boyfriend, Ray, called me and told me that he was giving Holly a trip to come up and see me as one of her Christmas gifts. He asked me to call Holly on Christmas morning and tell her that I was one of her Christmas gifts, and plan when she will fly up to see me. Yeah! I am so excited because I have no friends here in Utah! I hardly know how to communicate with girlfriends anymore. I can't wait to see my lower half again (together we make the perfect woman—you do the math)! Below is a picture of Holly bolly. Too bad my photographer only took serious pictures. I had so many ideas in my mind before that day, but when the time came, I completely forgot what I wanted and was too tired to care.

17 December 2007

Salt Lake America's Vainest City...I Knew It!

According to Forbes magazine, Salt Lake City, Utah is “America’s Vainest City.” I have always felt a little out of place living here. Everywhere I go the women seem to look perfect. When I first moved here, I worked at Gold’s Gym and I it made me throw up looking at the women who would come in to the gym at 5 am, all done up. I even felt uncomfortable the first time I went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. I was wearing Sophies and a big jacket, with no makeup on and my hair in a pony tail. Oops. I quickly learned that in Utah you have to look your best to buy your groceries or people will look at you funny. I feel like there is a lot of pressure to be perfect here, in all ways. I know I have had feelings of this myself. This is why I found this article interesting.

The "Most Vain City" was selected by this criteria:

To rank the cities, we collected the number of plastic surgeons in the country's 50 most populated cities. We excluded residents under the age of 18, leaving out a small number of children and adolescents who undergo reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery. While it was impossible to determine the number of reconstructive procedures as opposed to cosmetic surgeries in each city, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, reconstructive procedures account for about one-third of all plastic surgery procedures.

We obtained the number of plastic surgeons in each city from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a membership organization that represents about 90% of all plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. While plastic surgeons often practice without certification from the ABPS--and therefore were excluded from our data--it is recommended that patients seek out physicians with this credential.

Next we calculated the number of surgeons per 100,000 people. Though there are at least 591 plastic surgeons in New York City, there were four per 100,000 people. Salt Lake City had only 45 surgeons but a total of six per 100,000 people. Unexpected entries like Salt Lake City, Nashville and Louisville might rise to the top, given smaller populations and medical or university programs and centers that focus on plastic surgery. An influx of younger, more affluent residents into the smaller cities may also account for the rising number of plastic surgeons.

This, according to Forbes, is also true to Salt Lake:

Spending habits: Locals also spend more on cosmetics purchases at the grocery store than their peers in cities of similar size, according to Information Resources, a research company that tracks cosmetics and toiletries sales. In the last year, residents spent $2,207,450 worth on hair coloring, $116,478 on hair growth products, $2,512,081 on facial cosmetics and $4,416,067 on skin care products. In Oklahoma City, which has a slightly larger population, shoppers spent $172,080 on hair coloring, $9,323 on hair growth products, $190,820 on facial cosmetics and $402,956 on skin care products.

The Top 10 Vainest Cities:

1. Salt Lake City
2. San Francisco
3. San Diego
4. San Jose, CA
5. Miami
6. Louisville, KY
7. Nashville, TN
8. Virginia Beach
9. New York City
10. Los Angeles

04 December 2007

Henry's Law

In one of my blog posts--"You Really Want to Read about Me"--I mentioned that I have a slight obsession with rescuing animals. The cat I mentioned in that post was Sandy. I rescued Sandy at the beginning of last April and found her a home in June.

A nice dad replied to my listing and told me that he had been looking for a cat for his kids because they had to leave their old cat when they moved. I drove her to their home and there were many tears on my end. The home I found for Sandy was over 5 miles from my house. At the end of October, I came home from work one day, and guess who was at my house? SANDY! She had traveled over 5 miles to come back to me. So I went to her family's house and asked if they remembered me and if they knew where their cat was. They said that they had not seen her since the previous day. That means she found her way to my house overnight. I couldn't believe that she actually remembered me, and after all that time. It's true, animals really do love me. In fact, I have been thinking about going to school for a second degree some day, to become a veterinarian. My dream is to work with Koko the gorilla (I know, very 3rd grade of me). Anyway, I returned Sandy to her home that night, which I really probably shouldn't have, because obviously we were MFEO! (Just as a side note, in second grade, when normal girls my age were princesses and cheerleaders for Halloween, I was Catwoman, from Batman).

Ok, so the point of all this, was to remind you how I love animals. Anyway, this past Saturday on my weekly visit to Pet's Mart to visit the animals; I met a dog named Henry. Henry was outside of Pet's Mart with several other people. A man from his group approached me and told me a little about Henry. Henry was chased with a leaf blower by his former owner. Consequently, his left eye was damaged and infected and had to be removed for good. On another occasion, his owner decided to put Henry in a 200-degree oven which burned his paws and chest leaving him with bad scars and his front toes fused together.

The man wanted me to sign a petition that will hopefully make animal cruelty acts such as this one, a felony, not a misdemeanor. Of course, I signed. There are 43 states which have made animal cruelty acts like these felonies. Utah is not one of them.

Mac does not agree with me, that this should be a felony. He does think this is a horrible thing, but he says that prisons are too crowded today, and that unfortunately, the government has to pick and choose which crimes are made felonies because there is simply not enough room in prisons to house all crime committers. This may be true, but many serial killers start out torturing animals. Jeffrey Dahmer, the Boston Strangler, Dylan Klebold (Columbine) and Ted Bundy are all examples.

I copied the following from the Henry's Law website:

Henry’s Law is named after Henry, a little dog that was tortured and survived a horrible attack in 2006. On April 26, 2006, Marc Christopher Vincent chased Henry with a leaf blower damaging his left eye irreparably. The eye became infected and it had to be removed. On May 25 2006, Vincent put Henry in a 200-degree oven for five minutes severely burning the dog’s paws and chest. The torture that Henry endured left him badly scarred and his front toes were fused together. Marc Vincent was charged with intentional animal cruelty, which currently in Utah is a Class A Misdemeanor. The maximum penalty the law allows is up to one year in jail and up to a $2500.00 fine. Marc Vincent was sentenced to 6 months in jail and a $1,000.00 fine. He was released after serving just 4 ½ months due to ‘good behavior’.

Three attempts have been made in recent years to upgrade this law and they failed. We came closer than ever before in 2007 when the bill passed both the House and the Senate but due to a last minute proposed amendment, was defeated by the clock. Due to public outcry, we did get the bill on a Special Legislative Session agenda during which the bill was then tabled for further study. Senator Gene Davis of Salt Lake City, sponsor of last year’s bill, has pre-filed Henry’s law and he is working with Senate leaders to ensure that a strong and enforceable piece of legislation passes during the 2008 session.

Currently, 43 of the 50 states have a felony provision on the books. Help bring Utah into the 21st century and help us see that Henry’s Law is enacted in 2008!

If you are interested, please visit http://www.henryslaw.com to sign this petition.

In other news, I woke up Saturday morning to find hell at my door step.

Fortunately, it put me in the Christmas spirit, and Mac and I decided to go buy our Christmas tree and ornaments. This is our first tree. We didn't have a tree last year because we went to California for Christmas. Unfortunately, we almost went broke buying everything for our tree, and I still feel like it is bare.

Oh, and did I mention that I made this masterpiece last week...All by myself...from scratch. I have to brag about it because I am the biggest craft hater...scrapbooking, quilting, anything that involves me going to a craft store to buy supplies. I would rather pay more for something than make it myself.