24 October 2007

Happy Birthday Kemra!

Today is my friend Kemra’s Birthday. Kemra is not only one of my favorite people, but she is my twin and soul mate, too. Kemra and I met when I was a junior and she was a senior. Actually, we had seminary together my sophomore year, but we didn’t know each other then, but I was always envious of her pretty long hair. Anyway, we met while we were both working at Jones’ Cleaners. Who would have thought that we would have had so much fun working together at a dry cleaners? We did some pretty weird things while working there. These are some of my favorite memories of working together:
•Writing messages on the counter in Sharpie markers
•Burning the counter
•Pretty much anything that involved fire
•Always making sure our flip flops were perfectly clean (with our own cleaning products of course…wink, wink)
•Folding jail blankets
•Killing cockroaches
•Buying candy bars at Smart and Final with the change we would find in customer’s pockets
•Writing stories for each other
•Being frightened of the scary stalker customer…Fuller, C., right Kemra?
Those are just a few of the fun times that I can remember. Kemra has always been a good friend to me—no matter what. I guess I should explain why she is my twin and soul mate. She is my soul mate because we seem to think the same way about things. She even likes her grilled cheese with ketchup like me. She is my twin because one time we were both at a party in high school. I don’t remember who (possibly Jill Hendrickson?), but someone told us that we look like we could be sisters. Although, Kemra is much cuter, I didn’t want to argue with that, because it was such a compliment to me. Then one day at work, a customer came in to pick up his order. It was a big order so we both had to help. One of us went to get part of the order in the back, and then the other one of us came out front to help.
Customer: Wow there’s two of you
Us: Yes…
Customer: Are you two twins?
Us: No (giggle)
Customer: Are you sisters?
Us: No, we’re just friends
Kemra is the most genuine, kind person I know. She is nice to everyone and has always been such a good example to me. She has always been there for me when I have needed someone to talk to and I know that I can always turn to her for valuable advice. The only pictures I have of Kemra are these from my wedding. If I was at home in Arizona, I could put together a ton of crazy and embarrassing pictures that Kemra would probably not be too happy about. Happy Birthday Kemra!


kemra said...

You are so sweet Kelly, that made me cry! I don't deserve it. You are such a good friend, and can always make me smile - even when I am cranky! I'm glad you didn't have access to the other pictures - you have some bad ones (I am thinking of the Ides dance that we made Jared take us to - so much fun!)

I loved all of the Jone's memories. I have to add a couple though: Hiding boys in the back room, and both of us getting into the fat mans pants! Those were the good old days!

heather said...

Isn't she the best ever? I totally love her. So Julie and I both did Kemra tributes yesterday too. :)

Your wedding pictures are beautiful!! WOW!

Mel-Mels said...

How thoughtful are you? Way to be a super cute friend.

Also, I almost gagged when I read about folding jail blankets! I had completely forgotten that part of our job description, perhaps supressed it on purpose! And of course I loved the writing on the counter and scrubbing our flip flops on a constant basis!

Exercise Group said...

I wish you lived in AZ too! Someday soon right? Then we HAVE to get together real often OK! Oh yah, I set up a 2nd blog for going to SanDiego - if you want in , let me know, and I will add you. Everyone who wants to do it can be added as an author, so we can keep track of our progress! And PLEASE- say you want to do it!

(BY the way, this is Kemra - I just am signed in under the exercise blog)

kemra said...

OK, I added you as a reader and as an author - I emailed it to you, so if it doesn't work - let me know!

kemra said...

OK- so I have NEVER forgotten creepy Fuller, C. But, I must have supressed the memories about what he actually did (a self defense mechanism I'm sure) - until yestderday afternoon. All of a sudden I had flash backs of this psycho man feeling our shirts and complimenting the "nice fabric", & somehow knowing when our birthdays were....I'm afraid to ask, but is there anything else he did? I kind of wish those memories would have stayed buried in my sub-conscious. Oh well, They make for a good laugh now!

kemra said...

Ford, M. - Wright ? - Lines, A. - and the SMELLY man who brought in 100 stinky shirts at a time!

Mel-Mels said...

I believe the stinky man was Neufeld, K. And we would seriously tag a minimum of like 30 shirts every time he came in. What do you think he did to make him just that smelly?

Chase & Tricia said...

cutest pics of you girls. I know-
I agree, Kemra is a total gem. Hope you are doing lovely.

Cam and Mele said...

i love your beautiful wedding pics!!!!

heather said...

okay...as much as i love kem too, it is time for new news...or a new story...or something.

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