24 October 2007

Happy Birthday Kemra!

Today is my friend Kemra’s Birthday. Kemra is not only one of my favorite people, but she is my twin and soul mate, too. Kemra and I met when I was a junior and she was a senior. Actually, we had seminary together my sophomore year, but we didn’t know each other then, but I was always envious of her pretty long hair. Anyway, we met while we were both working at Jones’ Cleaners. Who would have thought that we would have had so much fun working together at a dry cleaners? We did some pretty weird things while working there. These are some of my favorite memories of working together:
•Writing messages on the counter in Sharpie markers
•Burning the counter
•Pretty much anything that involved fire
•Always making sure our flip flops were perfectly clean (with our own cleaning products of course…wink, wink)
•Folding jail blankets
•Killing cockroaches
•Buying candy bars at Smart and Final with the change we would find in customer’s pockets
•Writing stories for each other
•Being frightened of the scary stalker customer…Fuller, C., right Kemra?
Those are just a few of the fun times that I can remember. Kemra has always been a good friend to me—no matter what. I guess I should explain why she is my twin and soul mate. She is my soul mate because we seem to think the same way about things. She even likes her grilled cheese with ketchup like me. She is my twin because one time we were both at a party in high school. I don’t remember who (possibly Jill Hendrickson?), but someone told us that we look like we could be sisters. Although, Kemra is much cuter, I didn’t want to argue with that, because it was such a compliment to me. Then one day at work, a customer came in to pick up his order. It was a big order so we both had to help. One of us went to get part of the order in the back, and then the other one of us came out front to help.
Customer: Wow there’s two of you
Us: Yes…
Customer: Are you two twins?
Us: No (giggle)
Customer: Are you sisters?
Us: No, we’re just friends
Kemra is the most genuine, kind person I know. She is nice to everyone and has always been such a good example to me. She has always been there for me when I have needed someone to talk to and I know that I can always turn to her for valuable advice. The only pictures I have of Kemra are these from my wedding. If I was at home in Arizona, I could put together a ton of crazy and embarrassing pictures that Kemra would probably not be too happy about. Happy Birthday Kemra!

16 October 2007

Why I Love Seattle

We went to Seattle this past weekend for Mac’s 10 year high school reunion and it was for sure our most fun vacation since we have been married. My dad’s side of the family is all in Seattle so I visited a lot when I was younger. When I first met Mac he told me he was from Seattle, and I was so excited because I had family in Seattle, too. He asked where they were from, and I told him that I had cousins in Mountlake Terrace. It turns out that that’s the same city he grew up in. Weird! So he went to the same high school as some of my cousins. So we had his reunion this weekend—which we were in charge of planning—and we had a blast. Mac got to meet all my family from up there for the first time. I didn’t want to come home. My aunt and I both broke down in tears when it was time for us to go home.

Mac’s high school is a lot different than Mesa High. When I imagine what my ten year reunion might be like, I envision it being something like a ward activity or a fireside, where most attendees are LDS. Mac’s high school was way different. He was one of the few LDS people at his school. We had his reunion at a night club—my first time at a club. I felt like I needed to be wearing something that showed my boobs more or something—something like a tube top.

Everyone got a drink card good for one drink with their admission. When the girl came over to me and asked if I wanted anything to drink, I asked if they had Shirley Temples. She looked at me like she didn’t know what I was talking about and asked if I really wanted to use my drink card for that. Then Mac ordered a sprite. I wish I would have asked for chocolate milk or something, for humor purposes.

There was also this really hot bouncer that I had a minor crush on for the night. He looked something like this piece of meat(Taye Diggs):

I asked Mac if I could get my picture with him, and he said that I was being inappropriate as a wife. Then I asked if I could just take a picture of him and he said I was embarrassing him. Oops.

We be clubbin, but this picture is not Mac's best pose, but I like it because it shows the posh couches.

Here is a semi-normal one:

My husband and these two characters were voted "most spirited" in high school.

Look at these homies:

My grandpa gave me some of my grandma's old jewelry while we were there:

My personal favorite:

Why I love Seattle:
The diverse people like this guy:

And this guy:

The Pike Place Market:

Watching the guys at the market throw the fish:

This deli that we ate at, that makes it's own cheese:

And turns it into these two beuties:

Mmm...I love grilled cheese:

The Ocean:

Walking on the water front downtown:

The boats:

The trees:

My most favorite most funnest, craziest cousin, Lindsay:

My favorite, most adorable, Aunt Sue:

My cousins and other family:

That's why I love Seattle. I think I may just live there some day.

The End.