23 August 2007

Yellow=Green, Green=Green, Red=Yellow

I have lived in Utah for a year and a half now and I have come to the conclusion that Utah drivers are the WORST. Until yesterday, I had no real evidence to support my claim, other than the fact that I drive in Utah every day and I have become very good at defensive driving. One of my teachers is doing a study to find out why Utah has the WORST drivers. Through his research, this is what he has found to be true:

1. The average speed on Utah freeways is 80 mph. The speed limit is 65 mph.
2. Traffic lights across the nation stay on yellow for 2 seconds.
3. In Utah, the time limit for a yellow light had to be increased to 4 seconds
to conpensate for idiots.
4. Utah has more accidents per mile driven, than any other state.

I was in California this past weekend, and although California drivers drive at very high speeds, they are at least courteous. I guess that the only plus side to driving in Utah (if completely disregard the chances of death being tripled) is that after you move, you will appreciate the drivers in your town and you will have honed some mad defensive driving skills. You would think that Utah would be the place where you can count on more manners and courtesy. I guess not.

*Note: My husband’s co-worker’s girlfriend (aunt’s grandma’s, uncle’s, cat’s…) has lived in Utah for only 6 months. She has already been in 3 accidents, none of which were her fault.


Emily Lauren said...

That's crazy! I had no idea Utah had such bad drivers. I thought AZ had gotten bad . . .

Mac and Kelly said...

Yes, they are especially bad!!!

Kelli said...

Oh my word. I am in total agreeance with this entire post. Drivers here are CRAZY! And the average speed is at least 80mph on the freeway! It makes me feel like a grandma when I drive 71 (6 over the speed limit, which is what I normally do).

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