01 August 2007

I Think I Quit Blogging

So I think I am done with the whole blogging thing. First of all, nothing cool and exciting happens to me (thus the otter video and story about our golfing friend) and if something exciting did happen or if I had cute pictures of my own kids, I don’t think I would want to share them with millions of strangers—I like to keep most aspects of my life personal and I wouldn’t want some scary man to see my cute kids and want to kidnap them. Plus, my husband is an FBI guy, and he hates the idea that I have a Blog anyway. I also think that the world is becoming too impersonal. I don’t even have to talk to friends or family anymore. All I need to do is go on the internet for two minutes and I can know every single detail about all your lives without ever talking to you. Then when I run into you at the mall or at the grocery store or at our friend’s bridal shower on Thursday, what would I say? I wouldn’t ask how you were, or what you have been up to. I already know—that and every other single detail of your lives. Don’t get me wrong, I am very entertained by everyone’s cute little lives and I will probably continue to look at your Blogs on occasion, but I will probably not be updating mine. The End.


Jojo said...

That is pretty freaking lame. Just because your husband does not want you to blog does not mean that you have to rip on everyone else that does. What, someone is going to kidnap your kid because there is a picture of them on the internet? Half of the U.S. children would be kidnapped in that case.

Mac and Kelly said...

Obviously I am not ripping on everyone else that has one-- I HAVE ONE! And yes, someone could kidnap your kid, quite easily with all the information and pictures people put on their blogs.

Mac and Kelly said...

Imagine finding out that you have an unfriendly little stalker because you said something a little too inflammatory on your blog. And, since you’ve described your neighborhood and all the daily happenings in your life, the crazy stalker can figure out where to find you.

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