30 August 2007

This Makes Me Feel Smart!

If peagents didn't depend on looks, I think I would have had a fair shot at taking the crown on this one!

23 August 2007

Yellow=Green, Green=Green, Red=Yellow

I have lived in Utah for a year and a half now and I have come to the conclusion that Utah drivers are the WORST. Until yesterday, I had no real evidence to support my claim, other than the fact that I drive in Utah every day and I have become very good at defensive driving. One of my teachers is doing a study to find out why Utah has the WORST drivers. Through his research, this is what he has found to be true:

1. The average speed on Utah freeways is 80 mph. The speed limit is 65 mph.
2. Traffic lights across the nation stay on yellow for 2 seconds.
3. In Utah, the time limit for a yellow light had to be increased to 4 seconds
to conpensate for idiots.
4. Utah has more accidents per mile driven, than any other state.

I was in California this past weekend, and although California drivers drive at very high speeds, they are at least courteous. I guess that the only plus side to driving in Utah (if completely disregard the chances of death being tripled) is that after you move, you will appreciate the drivers in your town and you will have honed some mad defensive driving skills. You would think that Utah would be the place where you can count on more manners and courtesy. I guess not.

*Note: My husband’s co-worker’s girlfriend (aunt’s grandma’s, uncle’s, cat’s…) has lived in Utah for only 6 months. She has already been in 3 accidents, none of which were her fault.

09 August 2007


So after looking over my last post, and reading the comment that some stranger left, I realized that it was a little rude. When my husband read it, he said, "Ouch." What can I say, I guess I was being a little bratty the day I posted it. I was actually having a very bad day, and anything anyone said or did irritated me. So, please forgive me. I promise I am not that bratty all the time.

01 August 2007

I Think I Quit Blogging

So I think I am done with the whole blogging thing. First of all, nothing cool and exciting happens to me (thus the otter video and story about our golfing friend) and if something exciting did happen or if I had cute pictures of my own kids, I don’t think I would want to share them with millions of strangers—I like to keep most aspects of my life personal and I wouldn’t want some scary man to see my cute kids and want to kidnap them. Plus, my husband is an FBI guy, and he hates the idea that I have a Blog anyway. I also think that the world is becoming too impersonal. I don’t even have to talk to friends or family anymore. All I need to do is go on the internet for two minutes and I can know every single detail about all your lives without ever talking to you. Then when I run into you at the mall or at the grocery store or at our friend’s bridal shower on Thursday, what would I say? I wouldn’t ask how you were, or what you have been up to. I already know—that and every other single detail of your lives. Don’t get me wrong, I am very entertained by everyone’s cute little lives and I will probably continue to look at your Blogs on occasion, but I will probably not be updating mine. The End.