18 July 2007

Congratulations to Danny!

Last week, our good friend Danny Summerhays played in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Invitational. He took first place, making history by becoming the 1st amateur to ever win on nationwide tour. He won $126,000, but saddly had to turn it down because he plays for BYU's golf team and can not accept cash prizes. The great news is, he was ivited to join the PGA tour and accepted the invitaion. He will now be quiting his last year at BYU to join the tour and make millions! Congrats Danny--our new claim to fame!

See article: http://www.golfblogger.co.uk/2007/07/15/daniel-summerhays-makes-history-by-becoming-1st-amateur-to-win-on-nationwide-tour-2/