11 July 2011

The Size of a Lime

I know I don't post anymore, but I guess this new development deserves a post: I am with child. Child to grace the world with its baby presence in January 2012. Let's just hope the Mayan calendar starts over. I am past the three-month mark (14 weeks) and we are happy!

25 February 2010


This morning this picture was in my inbox:

A girl who happened to be at the orphanage I lived at was there when my Christmas package arrived this year. She was nice enough to take a picture for me, of all the kids wearing their new clothes. and track down my contact information to send it to me. It is crazy how most of the kids look the exact same as they did when I left two years ago, yet the older boys look so grown up. I think I need to buy a plane ticket now. I can't take it anymore.

Thank you so much to anyone who was involved in donating this year.

12 February 2010

My life will become 84% better on 18 February 2010...

...because Rubio's will be opening a new location, just two minutes from my house. I timed it. I am campaigning to be their spokesperson. Will work for fish tacos.

01 February 2010

Pushing Pigs and Provoking Tigers

I decided to become a vegetarian this year, because I just love animals too much. Meanwhile, husband enjoys tormenting animals.



21 December 2009

You're Welcome

I almost forgot how much I thoroughly enjoyed the "Jim and Pam Wedding" episode of The Office.

Inspired by this YouTube video:

07 December 2009

My Husband is Handy...

...because he made me this gem for my birthday.

Now make me a coffee table, please.

05 November 2009

What Happens in Vegas Should Probably Happen Every Day of My Life, but Minus the Vegas Part...

Due to the fact that I am really amazing and awesome, and husband + me = even more amazingness and awesomeness, we have to fly out-of-state to get together with friends. For Halloween we did just that. My best friend Holly and I have been planning to meet up in Vegas for some time now, and we finally did. I really, really, really hate Las Vegas (Every time we go there, we tell ourselves that we will never return, even though we've been there 7 times since we've been married), but it was a perfect half-way point for us.

We didn't have time to plan for costumes this year, so this is what we all came up with:

Fire Fighters:



We ate (drank) my favorite dessert from Serendipity:

Loved in Elevators (Thank you Steven Tyler, you song has been in my head for 6 days now):

Showcased our Awesomeness:

Went to the Stratosphere and went on rides that made me decide that I wasted $50, and that rides not found at Disneyland are too scary and I hate them:

Took pictures that we thought were cool, but later realized they weren't:

Ate a lot of food at our favorite buffet, and later went into food comas:

Did I mention that my breakfast consisted of three glasses of water, two glasses of orange juice, an omelet with cheese, onions and ham, Eggs Benedict, a piece of bacon, four triangles of French toast with berries, a quesadilla with guacamole, sour cream and salsa, one chip (yes, one chip), a crepe with strawberries and bananas and chocolate, two cotton candies, and an ice cream cone? And yes, I also ate dinner that night.

I realized why I have gained so much weight since marriage, it's not because I eat cotton candy for breakfast, it's because I don't have Holly to cackle off the pounds with. Behold, this is why Holly is my best friend:

When the weekend was over, I literally cried in my bed...possibly with my blankie.

Holly and Ray, thanks for a much-needed, fun weekend that was full of drunk people, skanks, pranks, and laughs.

Oh and P.S., Holly, I figured out a little too late what we should have been for Halloween, Subtle Sexuality:

28 September 2009

Because it's My Blog and I Can Say What I Want

Mean people are mean. People who demand being served are rude, and they should calm down. Drivers who cut you off, or almost hit you, or turn left in front of you when you are already half-way through the intersection are stupid. They are especially stupid when they pretend like they don't see you, because they know that their driving is crap. Being talked-down to makes me sad. Being treated differently because you don’t have children is wrong. Superficial people are obnoxious. Girls who flaunt themselves or their possessions are dumb and unoriginal--no one cares. Utah is weird and cold and boring. When you try to fit in and don’t, it is depressing. Smoking is yucky and smelly and unattractive and tumor-causing.

On the other hand:

Nice people are nice. Soft, squishy, white covers are cozy and perfect--my bed is perfect. Brown hair is pretty. Pineapple is delicious. Fine-point sharpies are amazing. Disney Land is happy. Old girlfriends are always the best girlfriends to have (I miss you, my Holly. Sad face). Eggs Benedict is my favorite. Ellen is funny and I love her. My imagination is my awesome. Giraffes are cute. And so are Koalas. Nail polish is fantastic. My father-in-law’s omelets are perfection in my mouth. Writing with dull pencils makes my hand writing look really great.

The End.

23 September 2009

You Really Want to Help Me

I'm sending donations to Ghana again this year (see this and this). If you want to help, email me or leave a comment and I can send you some ideas.

11 September 2009

Septemeber 11th. I Liked This One.